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   Len Triola is known as the "Prince Of Promotion." He knows how to effectively promote a CD and the artist. Lenny has friends and contacts all over the country and he has a remarkable talent to place a performer in the spotlight. Lenny is not only a professional, he's a gentleman. I'm pleased to work with Lenny, and proud to call him my friend.

- John Bohannon, Currently Jazz host WRHU-FM, New York

Former Network Radio News Correspondent (ABC, NBC, CBS)


   Len Triola is the consummate music professional, and his passion for his work is unbounded. He is the man to seek out for your project. He has the respect of those at the top in "the business."

 - Bill Boggs, American Television Presenter and Journalist

   One only needs to have one conversation with Len Triola to be able to read his enthusiasm and love for the music and the artists he promotes to appropriate radio sources who have known him for what seems like forever. He has carefully cultivated a lifetime of contacts and continues to amaze his artists with great representation on the air.   Within a short time of Triola receiving my CDs they were systematically sent out to his contact list, and appointment s for radio interviews followed shortly thereafter! Here was my “Mood Indigo” from my CD, “Don’t Go to Strangers” being played between Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges. If your objective is to get airtime, this man is the go-to-guy. He operates with old school ways in a high tech world, meaning that he conducts business with a handshakes and phone calls, and you’ll probably have a bit of luck getting to hear his impression of President Clinton. If that doesn’t make you want to sign, I don’t know what would.

- Mary Bogue, Jazz and Blues Recording Artist

   "Mr. S. and Jilly introduced me to Lenny many years ago and we have maintained a long lasting friendship. He's the last of a breed. His knowledge of the record business, The Great American Songbook and Jazz are unsurpassed. He has always respected the the artist and has helped many find their way in this difficult business. I cherish his loyalty and friendship.

- Dennis Bono, The Dennis Bono Show "Live from Las Vegas",
The Showroom at the South Point Hotel Casino

   Of all the true accolades Lenny has been given for his effective successful professional efforts for so many in the music business. It is enhanced only by his decent character. He truly is the musicians best friend.

 - Joe Battaglia, Band Leader of The New York Big Band

   "Len Triola is an expert at entertainment and promotion, and he's a man who gives his all for his clients. Len is passionate about the business and about his artists, and he works with insight and clarity to deliver the best for his clients and for the entertainment community. Lenny is also a man of great humor and kindness--he's the greatest."

- Miss Peggy Judy, aka Molly Brandenburg

   When I released an album of songs by Johnny Mercer in 2011, I was not well informed when it came to promotion of the album. I got a strong recommendation to engage Len to work with me on promoting the album, and I am very glad that I did. He has done a terrific job. He arranged numerous radio interviews for me as well as getting the album played on stations and networks all over the country. As a result of Len's efforts, I was able to get a gig at New York's Metropolitan Room, and I am deeply grateful to him for that. It has been a pleasure for me to work with Len and to get to know him personally as well. I have the utmost respect for him both as a friend and as a professional colleague. He combines an energetic positivity with a matter-of-fact attitude that gets great results for the people and music he is promoting. Thank you for all your help.

- Sam Broverman, Singer and Performer

   "The purpose of this is to give my full and complete endorsement to Len Triola and Len Triola Promotional Services. Len has worked with me and my label Encore Music Presents for many years on various projects including Shirley Jones, The Lettermen, Jan Daley and the Band of Renown cd’s with great results. I highly recommend Len and his organization for any and all promotions necessary."

- Les Brown, Jr., Band Leader, Les Brown's Band Of Renown

   Len Triola is one of a kind! He does it all and his passion and enthusiasm for the music business is unbounded. In an industry filled with people who make promises they don’t keep, Len is exceptional and totally honest. He fights for his clients and doesn’t leave a stone unturned until he gets the job done and in the best way possible. Len is a professional in every sense of the word and has been in the business for many years, yet he continues to change with times and stay current. I have recommended him to many singers who wanted to promote their CD’s and performances and they always rave about the services he supplied. The best part of all is that you couldn’t have a better or more loyal friend than Len Triola!

- Linda Amiel Burns, Two-time MAC Award Winner, The Singing Experience - Director,
 The New York Sheet Music Society - President, Writer, Reviewer, Journalist

   Lenny Triola, Simply put "a man of his word, a true gentlemen" There are a select few music professionals who possesses honesty, integrity, knowledge of the business and a genuine interest in their clients and careers. So, after years of wadding through a sea of managers, agents and self proclaimed promoters, or, as I like the call them- Leaches, Parasites and Predators. One man stands out above the rest, Len Triola! Len has done more for my career since meeting in 2011, then all the years I struggled prior. Len had not only taken on my current CD but revisited my first two projects and got me a ton of airplay and interviews. That's not all! Lenny continues to push and promote long after the initial promotion. Our relationship has evolved into a lasting friendship. We now speak and meet on a regular basis and continue to collaborate and exchange ideas on all things music and more. Thanks Lenny!!

- Jerry Costanzo, Vocalist/Bandleader

   I recommend Lenny Triola as often as I recommend Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Peggy Lee which is very often. Lenny is a man of his word and he does get back to you - rare! He's worked on several projects with me and always gets results. He keeps you informed and that's terrific! He's the kind of guy I call whenever I'm doing a project. Usually, before it's finished and he gets the CDs first. He's the best!

 - Tom Culver, Performer, Singer and Song Writer

   My friend Len is an old school, stand-up guy. He's honest, respectful, hard working and a Pro. His word is his bond which is why his reputation is impeccable ...... even though he's Italian.

- Jim Czak, Nola Recording Studios, New York City

   Thanks to Len's dedication to promoting my CD, I received airplay and reviews from radio stations across the country. I was also interviewed on a number of radio programs, which also helped to promote and sell my CD. I would not have received the exposure I did without Len's expertise and professionalism. I'd hire him again without hesitation.

 - Frank Dain, Vocalist, Editor Cabaret Scenes,
2013 MAC Award Nominee - Male Vocalist

   “Len Triola is a name we should remember! He is a man of his word and knows this music inside out, and that’s why he can sell an artist that he believes in and get results. He will go the extra mile, not because it means money in his pocket but because his passion rules his heart, and to me that’s what makes him stand out among other record promoters. He treats you like your part of his family and he is now a part of mine."

- Jan Daley, Performer and Singer

   The day Len Triola entered my life, it was forever changed not just professionally, but also personally. His commitment to this business we call music is unmatched. I never dreamt he would travel to central Illinois just to “check out my venue.” Followed by “Oh – and while I’m there, why don’t you set up a masterclass with the music business kids. I can help them get started the right way.” Who else does things like that nowadays? His personal touch has mentored many, me included. His customer service to a presenter is unmatched. His eye for talent is without question. And the size of his incredible heart is indescribable.

 - Barb Dallinger, Associate Director,
Braden Auditorium, Illinois State University

   Len Triola is a man who has dedicated his life to caring and booking the best jazz musicians of our time. His devotion for the jazz player is far superior to any other booker or promoter in the business. Len will never be forgotten in my life as a true friend. - Jim De Julio, Bassist, accompanied vocalists such as Anita O'Day, Nancy Wilson, Carmen McCrae,  Lainie Kazan, Chris Connors, June Christy, Vic Damone, Johnny Mathis, Dionne Warwick, Sammy Davis Jr., and yes Frank Sinatra to name a few.

   The best record promoter I've ever worked with.……  

- Ervin Drake, Composer, "It Was A Very Good Year", "Perdido",   
"Good Morning Heartache", "I Believe", "Al-Di-La"

   “As a record promoter, Lenny Triola has earned my respect by always making me aware of the best artists—many who are not household names, but certainly merit greater attention. His ear and eye for extraordinary talent is greatly appreciated. In the too often commercialized world of entertainment, Lenny delivers a stellar list of performers both famous and deserving of stardom. When Lenny calls, it is always a worthwhile conversation--full of insight and good news about something or someone hot and happening!!!”

 - Greg Dunmore, Manager Of The "Fabulous"  Ms. Jo Thompson

   Lenny loves the music and works hard at keeping it alive. There’s nobody better at getting the word out!

- John Ellis, Jazz Musician

   "Len Triola is the master. He knows all about the music and how to get it to the people who will appreciate i and play it. He is also one of the hardest working people in show business and a genuinely nice guy. Because of Len, my music continues to get world-wide exposure, and I am forever grateful."

- Julie Esposito, Performer and Singer

   "Len Triola is a master music promoter and a consummate professional. His radio promotion of my Tony Bennett biography turned my book into a best seller. He knows everybody and everything about the music business. He has a treasure trove of experience, having been a programmer for many years at WNEW-AM and manager of the Crystal Room at Tavern on the Green for more than a decade. He is the smartest and the best."

 - David Evanier, Author of Biographies on Tony Bennett,
 Jimmy Roselli and Bobby Darin

   Len Triola is personally dedicated to his clients' success. Nothing is done by rote. He's part promoter, part armchair psychiatrist and all dedication to jazz and the American Songbook. He did an amazing job of bringing my CD – "Can I Be Frank? – to the attention of international audiences.

 - Betsyann Faiella, Performer and Singer

   One of the most significant days in my career as a broadcaster, was the day when Len Triola discovered me. Since then Len has been my most valuable programming source. He has provided a remarkable supply of new recordings and enabled me to have a stream of marvelous guests on my WKRB program. In addition, Len has become a great friend and adviser. Nobody knows more about the Great American Songbook than Len Triola.

- Ron Forman, WKRB Radio, New York

   "Lenny has promoted 5 CD's for me over the years with great results. He has really raised the awareness of my band in The US due to his hard work and knowledge of the right radio stations of which to approach . Lenny is the kind of guy that does what he says he is going to do, a very rare thing in todays music world."

 - Ray Gelato, Performer, Singer and Musician, The Ray Gelato Giants, UK

   Len Triola gives the musicians, vocalists and composers, hope in the music business. Thank you Len!

- Scott Gordon, Musician and Performer

   Len Triola is the best promoter and publicity man in the U.S. that I know, He has worked with me alot over the years. He's the "Sinatra" of promotion.

- Leo Green, Live Nation, United Kingdom and Musician who has played with Van Morrison,
George Harrison,  Clarence Clemons, Lisa Stansfield, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jeff Beck, etc.

   I've been knocking around the music business a long time with no real clue as to how to promote my vision of music. Len Triola has allowed me to focus on what I do. Write and sing. Knowing and working with Len has been a total pleasure. He is a class gentleman and the essence of a professional.

- Robert Charles Griggs, Singer, Composer and Song Writer

    I was guided to Len Triola because it was being said that “He was the man to get it done”. I’d been getting good airplay from some stations and when I asked who they trusted, they told me Len. When I wanted to expand my market, I called Len Triola. Len got me airplay from LA to New York! I have a very good CD and it has gotten great reviews…but Len got me in the door to be heard! I would be the first to sing his praises and I must tell you, I really, really like him! I will always work with Len.

- Trish Hatley  Vocalist – Palm Springs,  CA – Seattle  

    I was referred to Len Triola when releasing my 2nd CD, "I've Heard That Song, Big Band Songbook." Len's response to the album helped make it clear that he truly loves The Great American Songbook, and is motivated by his passion for the music. Because of his efforts, my 2nd CD was a true 'release,' not an 'escape!' Spurred by the response that Len helped facilitate, I successfully re-released my first CD, "Frankly." Multiple radio interviews, 'Artist of the Week,' and my first performance in a Las Vegas showroom are all things that would not have happened without Len's efforts, for which I'm truly grateful.

 - Bill A. Jones, Actor/Singer, best known as 'Rod' on Fox TV's "Glee"

    When you think of the entertainment business the word loyalty rarely comes to mind but when you hear the name Lenny Triola that's exactly the word that comes to mind along with sincere and professional. He works the old fashioned way with a handshake and a phone. He's built relationships through the years that help him do his job so well. It's a great feeling knowing he's on your team. Nobody promotes like Len Triola.

 - Keri Kelsey, Actress, Singer and Host of The Gardenia Open Mic. Los Angeles, CA

     I have worked closely with Len Triola for over a decade and it has been a pleasure. Lenny works tirelessly to gain interviews and airplay for his clients and is a champion of preserving the Great American Songbook and those who celebrate this music.

- Lee Lessack, President LML Music, Inc.

   “The only element more astounding than Lenny Triola’s return of serve on the topic of the Great American Songbook, its most illustrious interpreters, and the industry he vigorously supports is his allegiant, unweariable advocacy when you are one of his clients.”

- Fred Lind, Singer and Author

   Emile Zola said: "The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work". And, work is what you will get when you began an association with Lenny Triola. His knowledge of the music business is astounding. He is a pleasure to be with and, I am very proud to call him my friend.

- Tommy Mara, "The Lost Crooner", Singer and Performer

   I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lenny as an event producer, a concert promoter and what used to be standard in the music business a real "record plugger". There's no area of any of these jobs that he is not really good at. He has an innate charm and a devotion to anything he takes on, plus he has what every performer and songwriter wants in his corner...the gift of a great ear for music. He is one of my favortie people in an industry that can be harsh and unyielding... and I always respect what he has to say to me.

- Shelly Markham, Composer, Pianist and Performer

   Len Triola and I know each other for over twenty years, He is simply the most honest promoter who works his tail off for all his clients in the music business.

- Bill Miller, Nationally Syndicated Broadcast Radio Personality

   Len Triola is in a class all his own. Generous, a master promoter who is deeply passionate and oh so knowledgeable about music, he goes to all ends to promote the artists he represents and has the long term contacts to do so.

- Linda Purl, Actress, Performer and Singer

   "I was so fortunate to have LEN TRIOLA promoting my latest CD, "LISTEN HERE". He did the most wonderful job. I had so many over the phone interviews and great responses to the CD. His devotion to his clients, his expertise and engaging warm personality are definitely assets. Thank you, Len!"

- Sue Raney, American Jazz Singer and Performer

   "I advise anyone who wants to get to me to go through Lenny Triola"

- Jonathan Schwartz, American Radio Personality

   I have had the pleasure of knowing Len for over a decade now and have met him twice. It is a once in a lifetime experience just sitting and talking to the man about his background in the world of music. My radio show is designed to feature the 30s and 40s with a segment introducing new artists or new releases.
    Len has introduced me to some very talented entertainers through the years. I know for a fact that Len works hard for his people and knowing his expertise in recording, booking, promotion and publicity, I have suggested to a couple of local singers here in Michigan to contact Len for his services. And I might add, they did and were very satisfied with the outcome. Lennie...keep up the good work and it is a pleasure to call you a friend.

 - Jim Stone, Radio Personality, "Big Band Swing Show", WLNZ Radio, Lansing, MI

   "Len Triola knows music. He also knows how to get your music heard. On top of all that, he's a prince of a guy, and one of the easiest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with."

- Stacy Sullivan, American Singer, Actor and Performer

   “I have worked with Lenny in several areas – from radio promotion, to event booking, to general business consultation. There’s a reason why he’s known as ‘the prince of promotion.’ He has the direct relationships and contacts that others can only allude to, combined with the tenacity, wit, and follow-through to seal the deal. Working with Lenny has opened doors for me that were otherwise unattainable. A definite advantage to have on one’s team.”

 - Kelley Suttenfield, Performer and Singer

   I have been in show business for over sixty years and have been blessed to have had some amazing people in my life in both the show as well as business end of entertainment. Len Triola has been one of the most outstanding. As the entertainment director of the famed Tavern on the Green, Lenny was involved in every aspect of what made my booking a great success. From audience development and publicity to artistic direction and public relations, his astute and proactive professionalism ensured that what must happen both onstage and off went well. Lenny has the seasoning of an “old school veteran” and the enthusiasm and energy of a trendsetter on today’s entertainment scene. Over the many years I have worked with him, I consider Len Triola to be a trusted friend and a concerned career strategist who has helped me open many important doors in securing prestigious engagements, promoting my various recordings and keeping my name in the media. I am honored to have him in my life and know that any artist can benefit from his wealth of knowledge! Bravo, Lenny for being the consummate professional. Indeed, you deserve a heartfelt standing ovation!!!

 - The Fabulous Ms. Jo Thompson, Pianist and Singer

   "If you want the best, you need to have the best....and the best in our business is Len Triola! Len knows everyone, knows the business and gets the job done. He has done and still does phenomenal promotion for me, my band Legends of Swing and CD One Kettle For Count. Len Triola, A LEGEND!"

 - Gary Tole Music Productions, Inc.

   We have been happily working with Len Triola for over 20 years! His knowledge of music is incomparable and his dedication to his clients is first class! He's a pro.

 - Jim West, Justin Time Records,  Montreal, QC
"Canada's Largest World Renowned Independent Jazz Label"

   This is a special, special man - Len Triola. I was cocktail waitressing at the Blue Note in '03, to learn the ins and outs of the NYC jazz scene, and he was there one night, putting on an event with the great Hank Jones (who was the consummate gentleman as well). Len noticed my retro hairdo and called me "Jayne Mansfield" all night. We struck up a conversation and he asked me what I was up to in NYC. "I came here to be a singer," I said.

   He asked me how old I was. I told him. He replied, "Say that you're < 3 years younger > and Do It Now!" We went and had a drink across the street at the Fat Black Pussycat and he took me under his wing. We worked together for a spell, which was great. We then sorta drifted, doing our own things, until....12 years later, last year....the phone rings out of the blue. I'd recognize that voice anywhere. (I wish I could relay an accent via the typed word. Think: Long Island, salt of the earth, a man's man.)

   "Hey, JO! I heard you're putting out an album. What's going on?" That was Interstellar Songbook II, and his timing couldn't have been better - I had just parted ways from my management company, and was looking for some new help.

   Since then, Len has hooked me up w live radio performances, interviews, and gigs (like this one last weekend at the Intima Awards - the Oscars for the lingerie industry), which has given me some wonderful learning opportunities and experience....but more than that, I just so ENJOY Len - his humor (his Tony Bennett impression *kills*), his enduring support of my music, his old-school way of doing things (he will hop on the phone way before he sends an email or text), and his wonderful, ethical way of handling relationships and people. It's a dying art and Len personifies it. And, I can sit around for hours listening to him talk about the who's who of jazz - it's such an education, and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

- Joanne Weaver, Performer and Singer

   People come and go in life, and it's wonderful to reconnect with the true good ones. Thank you Len! I look forward to more adventures in jazz with you. Len Triola has been an absolute pleasure to work with. When I have questions about tattling a situation I call Lenny. He tells it like it is. No beating around the bush. He is honest and upfront, characteristics that are hard to find in this crazy industry. He’s always a phone call away….

- Debbi Bush Whiting, My Ideal Music, Inc.

   If you seek a consummate professional who is aggressive in helping you achieve your promotional goals, experienced and connected with the right people to see and hear your work, and both easy to work with and dependable, then look no further than Len Triola. His thirty years in the music business coupled with a passionate & intuitive sensitivity for what works enables Len to successfully represent his clients nationally and effectively navigate their talent in all the right markets. Whether an established artist or a new talent on the rise, look to Len Triola as your career’s best asset and most dependable partner.

- Jeffrey C. Williams, Author, Producer & Radio Host of AT THE RITZ!